TripleC Workshops in Schools

What is TripleC Workshops In Schools?



TripleC run workshops in special educational needs schools. 

We use drama and theatre based tools and exercises to create confidence, build self esteem, strengthen communication skills, discover and support self identity and reinforce self advocacy.  We use roleplay to access real life situations that the young people might not have accessed yet in life but certainly will in the future. We are able to use the role play within a safe environment to help over come any blocks that might occur and strengthen confidence in carrying out every day tasks. We also use roleplay and improvisations to discover emotions and feelings and work through how we might react to certain feelings whilst voicing how certain activities or situations make us feel.

TripleC create their workshops bespoke to the school and setting.

We can match our sessions to tie in with the curriculum and can hold the workshops during enrichment sessions.

TripleC workshops are always led by both disabled and non disabled workshop leaders. This gives out the positive message of integration to young people from an early age.

Why We Created TripleC Workshops In Schools?



Children with disabilities have the same right to accessing the arts as everybody else. They have the same right to self expression and self discovery. As it stands, very few special educational needs schools are able to offer drama due to cuts in funding. We want to source the funding for schools projects ourselves.

We want our next generation of young people to grow up with the confidence to own their disability. To tell people exactly what they want and need. Express areas of work that they would like to go into and have the confidence to carry out jobs when they leave school. To talk about their passions and hobbies and have the confidence and self-esteem to access hobbies outside of school.