Preparing for Adulthood


TripleC Workshops at Seashell Trust

TripleC have recently completed two terms of Preparing for Adulthood Workshops at Seashell Trust.


"TripleC has delivered a series of drama workshops based on “The World of Work”, specifically targeting 8 students who could take up paid employment upon graduation. 

The aim was to develop creativity and have fun! And thus, session targets were compacted to simply 1) learning about work, and 2) having fun, in order to establish an accessible, highly-participatory and enthusiastic spirit of drama-making. 

The inclusive and highly-energized sessions have applied drama strategies, such as characterization, role-plays and improvisations, in order to explore work-related topics such as meeting new people, defining oneself, raising aspirations and their working day."

- Teacher, Royal College Manchester