Access, Awareness & Attitudes Training

TripleC's Access, Awareness & Attitudes Training for Workplace, Schools, Theatre & Arts Organisations



What is TripleC’s Access, Awareness & Attitudes Training?

TripleC run bespoke Access, Awareness and Attitude training for venues and businesses.

We want to create a world where everyone feels comfortable around access and awareness when it comes to disability. 

Our training sessions are ran by both disabled and non disabled trainers who have a background in the arts. Having both disabled and non disabled trainers lead the sessions allow everyone in the room to feel like there isn’t any segregation. The non disabled trainers are able to act as a link when it comes to asking questions that might be on everyone’s minds but that they are maybe to anxious to voice for fear of offending. The non disabled trainer is able to start off these discussions. Having a background in the arts enable us to bring our sessions to life. They are not lecture based but are more discussion led with practical elements. TripleC send out a questionnaire to the venue or business a week or so before the training day. This is to gauge what knowledge will already be in the room so that we are not repeating things that people already know. We also find things out about the building and what is already in place etc.

What do the training days involve?



The training day itself will look at the practicalities of access for that specific venue and offer ways to improve.

It will explore where there might be a current lack of awareness and offer an insight into strategies that will strengthen awareness.

It will look at attitudes and language around disability. 

TripleC work on the basis that we open up peoples minds to what might be considered right and wrong and the meaning and effects underneath the language.  TripleC do not believe in teaching the “right and wrong” way of going about access, awareness, attitudes and language, but look more at the working methods underneath these things and offer strategies for the company to make the choices they feel are best.

This will also have a longer lasting affect as language is changing all the time. So its about making decisions based on what feels like the best approach. The company will be given an email address for any follow up consultations that they require. This is included in the fee. They will also receive a full written up document of the day.

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